Sense Perception

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'We see and understand things not as they are but as we are'

Christopher Columbus, in the 1440’s on his voyage to America, saw three mermaids and described them as insight of females who rose from the sea. Did Christopher Columbus Imagine the mermaids because he was interested in fantasies or did he actual see it? On one hand I do believe that we understand and see things not as they are but as we are, on the other hand disagree with this statement. The way we view things reflects on our personality and each of our personality is different and some people also have similar personality. “We do not see things the way they are but as we are” is said to be a Jewish proverb. The proverb talks about how we are engaged with sense perception. It implicates how each individual has 6 senses and the 6th sense is within oneself. We understand things as we are but not as they are could also relate to emotion from knower’s perspective when I get afraid then I see images pass in from of me, so do I see the images in my brain or is it in from of me? I am relating this statement to two ways of knowing, Sense perception and emotion.

Sense perception, the first way of knowing, is our physical response of our senses to stimuli. There are only 5 sense and they include sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell. The sense receptors first pick up the signals after being simulated by the brain the information is transformed into sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell. These senses have become a part of our lives without them we would be the abnormal one in this world. Senses surround us everyday and every minute of our lives.

Emotion is our second way of knowing is human’s direct experience of the world. Emotions are the most powerful things in this wo...

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...s changed the way the world looks and things. When a Hotel wants to stay in business then they Photoshop the pictures of the room and make it look nice but the truth is that the rooms are really bad. The hotel wants people to see the room as beautiful so they stay at the hotel. Photoshop foreshadows fake things so never believe what you see.

We see and understand things as we are but not as they are. In some cases this statement is true and in other cases this statement is false. We don’t always see and understand things the way we want to but we also see things the way they seem not exactly the way we want to. The world is an illusion by itself, this proves to us that we don’t always have too see things the way they are but we could also see them as we are. It’s the choice of the human mind to understand things and each mind is different; that is the nature of man.
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