Sense Of Ownership

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Many claims have been made, previously, revolving around the concept of ownership and its relationship with one's sense of self. Having Ownership, depending on the circumstance, could take a literal or a figurative meaning. The literal definition of ownership is the right of owning something—usually an object. Figuratively, ownership means to owns one's life in who they are. Taking ownership, (in this context we will be talking figuratively), in who you are or the intangible things in life, will change one's sense of self or the perception of oneself for the better. While celebrities have busy lives, rarely having the time to take care of themselves, there are some who are able to contradict this demanding lifestyle. One celebrity who …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that ownership is the right of owning something—usually an object. figuratively, ownership means to own one's life in who they are.
  • Analyzes how chrissy teigen, the queen of social media, exemplifies her confidence and ownership in her occupations as a model, wife, and mom. her new sense of self allowed her to be proud of her life.
  • Explains how the colonists gained freedom from the strongest country in the world, which gave them the ownership over their minds, building their motivation to fight.
  • Explains the relationship between ownership and sense of self can be presented in everyone's normal lives. it all starts with taking ownership in who you are or what you do.
  • Explains that having a better sense of self by owning who you are or intangible things is not the solution for all. aristotle says that ownership of tangible goods helps develop moral character.

For the colonists, the new world was a place to be free, not restricted under someone else's reign. Their uprising sense of gaining freedom from the strongest country in the world at that time, gave them the ownership over their minds. They were not the British people, but the American people. This ownership took over many, building their motivation to fight;and with this motivational boost, colonists could hypothesize a successful win against the British. Their new sense of self developed the colonists from tiny powerless colonists, to strong and confident soldiers, fighting against the strongest country in the world. This development gave the colonists victories, eventually winning their independence. Owning their identity as the free, American people has led the colonists to confident victories that brought better …show more content…

There are other ways to develop a new sense of self, as Aristotle claims, “ownership of tangible goods helps to develop moral character.” The things we don't have, make us reach for the tangible things. Once those objects are reached and gained, a strong ownership brings forth one's moral character. While taking ownership of who you are refreshes one's perception of themselves, it will still not be able to present the objects that one needs or wants. On the other hand, those “tangible goods” may form the morality of one, but it never meant that one could keep his/her morality forever. One cannot continue to live off of their ownership of tangible goods. It is the intangible goods that one realizes , through ownership, a new sense of

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