Senioritis: A Problem That Affects The Senior Year

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What is senioritis? Senioritis is a problem that affects most High School seniors after having applied and accepted to college. Senioritis not only affects the average senior, but the top of the class seniors as well. In the article Fighting senioritis By Eric Hoover, he states: In a study entitled The Lost Opportunity of Senior Year: Finding a Better Way, released in 2001, the commission found that for many students, that year becomes party-time rather than a time to prepare for one of their most important life transitions. ... Many students reported 'ditching ' senior classes because the atmosphere encouraged them to consider senior year a farewell tour of adolescence and school. The commission also suggested that senioritis may, in fact,…show more content…
Some seniors may argue to not give school work and just let them slack off the last half of the year. That might be great for the seniors for a little bit, But, once the senior gets to college, they might have a hard time getting into the swing of things and might have to take remediation courses that don’t count toward graduation. An internship would be a great way to help. But, some may argue that an internship is just a job that you don’t get paid for. Who wants to go to work and not get…show more content…
But others would rather stay home and do nothing than go to a different country. Whatever it may be, learning is the most important thing. Senioritis is a real problem, it affects many people in many different ways and sometimes they don’t even know that they have senioritis. Senioritis is a real thing and can affect anyone. Senioritis does not only affect the person, but it also affects the quality of a person’s school work and the person 's ability stay on task. Most of all senioritis affects the student 's grades. Hoover has found some words of warning from Smith college. Smith college states: In preparing for your arrival on campus and the rigors of a Smith education, please consider taking steps to regain your academic momentum by creating a reading list within your particular academic area this summer; by availing yourself of summer classes or tutoring opportunities; or by investigating the academic support services at Smith when you arrive. (Hoover 2003, smith

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