Senior Management Case Study

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Kirajit manages a small team in one of the restaurants in a 300 room 5 Star Hotel. She works long hours and often feels stressed and tired. Kirajit thinks planning is important, but just doesn’t have the time to explain everything senior management wants, to her employees. She finds herself constantly pushing staff to meet deadlines, as they don’t seem to have the same sense of urgency that she does.

Kirajit would like her staff to take on more duties and responsibilities, but her team appears to show little initiative. She doesn’t agree with delegating, as she tried it once before and was just left having to fix the mess created by work not done properly.

Things come to a crisis point when one of her better employees hands in his resignation
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She need to have some time to preparing her work and time to reduce stress. To make those time, she should try to delegate staffs again. Another problem is that she didn’t plan to have the time to communicate with her team staff. The effective leaders are always have a close relationship with their team members, so that they can share the situations and team goals properly though everyday conversation. In this case study, she didn’t have enough time to communicate with her staff because of lack of time. Therefore she should try delegation to make more time to have conversation with…show more content…
I will explain 8 barriers from these things. One of the barrier is Lack of trust. The manager thought the other employees can’t do high quality works as the manager do. The other one is worrying that if the employee do the better job than manager, the manager may lose their job. Thirdly, delegating in hurry so that the manager may chose unsuitable person to complete work properly. The next one is giving too many works to only one person. The person who is delegated would get tired and their quality of work must be worse. Over delegating giving too much at once is also barrier of delegation. It can lead to decrease employee’s motivation and the result of work would be not completed. The next one is that manager fail to recognize and thank the work of employees. So that the employee feel that they don’t want to take the delegating job from the manager. Other one is that the staff think it’s not their responsibility to do manager’s job. That way of thought would prevent the team works. Last barrier is that the staff may resist taking the jobs because they are worrying whether they have enough ability to complete the tasks or not, or they feel uncomfortable with the responsibility. In this case study, there are three barriers existing. First one is “delegation in hurry”. Because she didn’t have enough time to planning delegation when she tried delegating the work at the first time. Therefore her delegation went wrong and it led
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