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SECTION 1: SENIOR LEADER PHILOSOPHY My Senior Leader Philosophy is based on what I have learned through the study of leaders, both good and bad, over the course of my career. I believe these principles offer the best chance for individual growth and unit cohesion, and ultimately to cultivate an environment for success so the unit I am part of can meet the high demands levied upon us by our nation’s Air Force. MY VIEWS ON LEADERSHIP Leaders lead. They lead by example, by demonstrating and living out organizational values, and by being seen. A good leader will never ask a teammate to do something they are not willing to do. Leaders also clearly understand the central purpose of their organization and ensure it is crystal clear to every member of the team...and they are relentless in pursuing it. Outside views are critical to guarding against bias. A good leader will allow and encourage other views to surface. They guard against “Group Think” by ensuring a team makeup that includes individuals with differing backgrounds and viewpoints. A strong leader understands that valuable ideas and insight usually come from others. They read, interact, share, and reflect. And they encourage others on their teams to do so as well. Maybe most importantly, good leaders underwrite honest mistakes. No one comes to the organization to fail. Mistakes are important for learning and growth, and a good leader understands that a mistake-free organization will not grow or improve, so they encourage organizational members to make decisions and implement ideas. If successful, and members do act on ideas, they will at some time act wrongly or make wrong decisions. This is not failure. Decisions made with the right values at heart or made with the best info... ... middle of paper ... ...m you walk by is the standard you accept. This goes along with having a poor work ethic. I don’t accept laziness or a lackadaisical attitude. I do not accept gossip and cynicism. These are cancers to an organization and must be stopped. Don’t contribute to organizational subversion. Lastly, I do not accept any form of discrimination, disrespect, unprofessional behavior, either on or off duty, nor negligence of duty, either to the Air Force or as a private citizen. Our Airmen need to contribute to an organizational climate and culture that expects everyone to do the right thing. Lastly, I believe in and will strictly enforce the Air Force’s zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment and/or sexual assault. The effects of such behaviors are longstanding and devastating to a unit. They are not consistent with our high moral calling and have no place in our Air Force.

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