Selfishness In 'The Reluctant Dragon' By Kenneth Grahame

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Introduction a) Selfishness is one of the most common personality traits shared amongst society, Kenneth Grahame’s literature features the theme of how making rash decisions can lead to dramatic effects to those around you. b) This is still seen today through historical marks such as, the Zimmerman case which led to social movements across nations. Sadly not every selfish decision made leads to something greater. Such decisions include WWII and dictators amongst history. c) Kenneth Grahame’s use of personification by having animals represent humans in many of his stories can be interoperated as an analogy for how making selfish and rash choices, can cause humankind to look barbaric and primitive, just as animals. Body Paragraph one: The Wind in the Willows a) Toad, one of the more egotistic characters to be…show more content…
Although, because he is seen as an enemy of humans, it causes him to be scared of how people will treat him. This relates to the topic, because when humans go out and hunt predators, they do so without seeing whether or not the dragon is worthy of life. Dragon, believes that because he is so kind, he will be spared the cruel justice of humans. It is because of the selfish decisions of humans, that innocent beings get hunted. b) (page 3 paragraph 2) Even though the boy wants to make friends with the dragon, the dragon makes an assumption that the boy will terrorize him. This can be because other visitors have been rude to him in the past which causes him to be fearful of new companions. Those who have hurt him before were so unaware of the effect it would have on the dragon's future. c) (page 4 paragraph 7) The dragon was alone underground, much like the mole, and once he has finally made himself known to the world, he is hesitant to leave his cave though, although he is desperate for

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