Selfishness In Kenneth Grahame's Literature

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Introduction a) Selfishness is one of the most common personality traits shared amongst society, Kenneth Grahame’s literature features the theme of how making rash decisions can lead to dramatic effects to those around you. b) This is still seen today through historical marks such as, the Zimmerman case which led to social movements across nations. Sadly not every selfish decision made leads to something greater. Such decisions include WWII and dictators amongst history. c) Kenneth Grahame’s use of personification by having animals represent humans in many of his stories can be interoperated as an analogy for how making selfish and rash choices, can cause humankind to look barbaric and primitive, just as animals. Body Paragraph one: The Wind in the Willows a) Toad, one of the more egotistic characters to be read, cares about himself only, while his friends are constantly bailing him out of his mistakes. This is seen especially towards the end, after toad escapes his punishment from reckless endangerment through motor vehicles; mole, rat, and badger are forced to rush into danger to help toad get his house back from the squatters. After this, toad swears to be better about his choices, and he express’s a great gratitude at the end. b) (page 53 paragraph 5) The mole daydreams of all the wonders life has to offer above ground, and by that he is taken in awe. He sees the world as a glorious place, however once he opens his eyes he sees all the struggles he must accept before he can accomplish what he day dreamed. c) (page 90 paragraph 1) Toad enjoys to be the center of attention, which leads to his enjoyment of spoiling others, he does this through misconduct of cars as well as betraying the trust of his friends by sharing their se... ... middle of paper ... ...t is one of the leaders towards addiction Conclusion a) Just as animals, humans are seen as barbaric and primitive when making selfish and rash decisions, however the difference between animals and humans, is that people know the difference between right and wrong; this is best exampled through Kenneth Grahame’s literature works. Some of these pieces include; The Wind in the Willows, the Reluctant dragon, and the Golden Days. Moreover, Grahame’s ideology was ahead of his time, considering that it is still seen throughout history and even today, an example of this would be the Zimmerman case, as well as wars and dictators. The influence of Grahame for writing so many stories featuring the common theme, comes from his personal background, which include the fact that his father was a drunk, and many more examples, which all helped to create many works still used today.

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