Selfishness In Coraline, By Neil Gaiman

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In Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel, “Coraline,” the story takes place in a rather boring/simplistic time in which a young girl named Coraline, is always in seek of a new/better adventure. Coraline is explores her gray world and eventually comes across another world in which she finds her “other mother” who seems to portray Coraline’s view of the “perfect” lifestyle. The main idea of this text is selfishness, however the complex lesson that the story develops is how selfishness teaches us that we should self-reflect on selfish behavior and fix our actions so therefore we can avoid negative outcomes later. Selfishness can blind us from appreciating the important parts of life. In the start of the story, we can see how Coraline constantly is showing selfishness and doesn’t take any initiative in appreciating…show more content…
As the story comes to a close, we see how Coraline begins to learn from mistakes and changes as a character. In the scene on pages 140-141 in which Coraline is finally reunited with her family, Coraline is finally learning from her mistakes; she finally realizes how her actions affect others. Also, on page 160, Coraline is shown taking initiative in watching her neighbor’s shows. “‘You must come up and watch them…’” and “‘I would like that very much,’ said Coraline.” During this, the original ideas of appreciation and care are coming back in the story, but in a different way. At first, Coraline wasn’t very appreciative of her life, however after facing consequences for selfishness, she is taking what she has and showing compassion and appreciation for it. Through this we can see that the original theme has sprouted into multiple directions such as: self-reflection and regret. This now shows a new and final theme idea that after being selfish, people should take a moment and reflect on their behavior and if they take action in fixing that behavior, there will always be a positive outcome in the

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