Selfish Character In Macbeth

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On January 18th , 1001, Macbeth Findláech was born into the world. He hadn't always been deranged. Surprisingly, he came from a lower income class family. His cousin Duncan Macrinain came to be king by overthrowing King Malcolm II and building an army against him. Macbeth became apart of the royal family and earned his ranking in battle. When Macbeth killed Duncan in secret and was named king by default, he quickly felt overwhelmed by the money and power that came with the title since he had never been fortunate enough to experience such assets. King Macbeth was known to have irrational violence tendencies. Growing up, his mother Gruoch and his father Findláech physically and verbally abused him from early childhood to teenage years. They would tell him he was useless, that he was a burden to them and that nobody would ever love him whilst kicking, punching and slapping him. As a result of these horrific experiences, he developed permanent irritable and aggressive characteristics as well as a cold heart which made it difficult to open up to people. His father was murdered in 1015 but the suspect was never found. There was…show more content…
He became distant from Lady Macbeth by treating her with indifference, no longer seeking her company and lacking the desire to share ideas with her. The pair of them went through a mentally strenuous period after killing the king and he did not think to ask, nor care, how Lady Macbeth was coping with the guilt. Macbeth had already killed a few people in his past, but was very selfish by not realizing that this was all new to his wife. After Duncan's death, Banquo and Macduff's family were also killed by Macbeth. He was extremely self-centered and didn't stop to think for a second how badly his victims and their families would be affected by their deaths. Except for Macduff, Macbeth intentionally killed his family because of Macduff's lack of loyalty, thinking it would enrage
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