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In our life, we can always find people who seek challenges and not afraid of failure, and people who always look on bright side of life and feel great about everyday life. There are also people who cannot face disturbance in life, always worry risking failure and people who consider themselves useless and incapable of doing anything. Generally speaking, people have 2 kinds of self-esteem in this world: Those with high self-esteem always look things optimistically, keep objective thinking when facing obstructions and are very confident about themselves. They view themselves more positively; others with low self-esteem are so sensitive of negative outcomes. So in order to avoid being disappointed, they make themselves believe that they are unable of doing anything. Therefore when it comes to self-evaluation, people with low self-esteem tend to rate themselves more negatively and show more hesitation to step in new fields. In addition, they tend to judge people negatively because they are afraid being hurt or lied by others. From my own experience, I notice that I am undoubtedly a m...
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