Self-Service Travelling Is a Good Way of Travel Other than Joining the Tour

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In the 20th century, self-service travelling is famous around the international cities. Self-served tour can definitely be a good way of travel other than the package tour. When it comes to the package tour, most of its itineraries are general with a short period of time. According to a survey conducted by Independent Traveler’s World (cited in Travelmole 2002), the number of interviewees go travel through agents decline from 56% to 28% which shows the traditional travel style can no longer fulfill the needs of tourist. A study by research firm Mintel(cited in Holiday letting 2007), the market of independent holidays is predict to increase 45% which reveals the self-served tour had become a trendy vocation mode among cosmopolitan cities because of its characteristics including, budget control, flexibility and experience. Planning an itinerary is no longer a troublesome thing.

Budget control:
As the well-developed international networks, not only benefit travelers in time saving, also save the cost in travel. Easen (2004) points out that it is easy to book the air ticket online and check-in through kiosk. Independent traveler can choose different modes of transportation with lower cost such as budget airline and rail way. For instance, the rail pass is the ticket which serves unlimited times of travel on certain types of rail system like Japan Rail Pass and Britain Rail pass. Usually, its price for tourist is cheaper than the price for local resident about 10%. Thus, tourist can have a well budget control over the itinerary.

Besides, tourist can also save their cost in accommodation by selecting to live in host families, guesthouses, the youth hotel or capsule hotel instead of the formal hotels. The guesthouses are very comm...

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