Self Review And Self Evaluation

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Self Review In every feedback system, the stepping stone is the self evaluation phase, wherein the employee assesses his own performance and benchmarks it against his set goals and objectives. It is essential that the employee completes the self evaluation phase prior to the other aspects of the 360 degree feedback process as this allows him to interpret the feedback in an efficient manner. It helps to reduce his blind and facade and allows for a larger public space in his Johari window. The self evaluation also helps to gauge the quality of feedback received from the other stakeholders and allows for contesting in case of a poor/incorrect review. Peer Review One of the significant components of the 360 degree feedback system is the peer-level…show more content…
It is instrumental in reducing the ‘blind spot’ in Johari window which is important for personal development of the employee. Along with effective training design, it is leveraged by organizations to manage their talent. ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE 360 degree feedback can be a direct contributor to the competitive advantage of the company. According to a study by London et.Al. [4] it provides the organisation with customer based data regarding the product or service being offered thereby improving the customer processes. It is also a source of customer intelligence which provides insights about the customers’ requirements and helps in improving the design of the customer experience. This competitive advantage helps the organisation to better achieve its financial & non-financial goals. Organizational performance is also a function of the effectiveness of organizational coordination. Better synchronization between the management and the employees resulting from 360 degree feedback through more candid exchange of ideas & opinions improves this…show more content…
Each employee is asked to prepare a list of candidates who will review the concerned employee. The manager of the employee then selects candidates from this list to review, within a week, the concerned employee. On the positive side, the system ensures the employees facing clients are on their toes. Nishit Sharma, Manager of book sales, says, “Feedback from clients ensures we are always on toes, thereby increasing our performance and efficiency”. He further adds, “But the system also makes us sweet-talk with some peers including those whom we don’t like. I also fear that my manager will come to know that I am the source of his negative review and may not take it well”. Shshank Mittal, Management Trainee, adds, “Review is definitely helpful to understand our shortcomings but many times the peers take out personal grudge”. Yogesh Gupta, UI/UX manager says, “Although the review system takes a lot of time, but my juniors’ reviews have helped me better manage them”. According to Sameer Ashraf and Himanshu Manglunia, who are at the bottom of the pyramid, due to limited promotions, peers generally do not give correct review due to which these people do not get valid feedback. Good reviews depend more on social nature of the person than the

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