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This paper will explore the role of the director in modeling reflective practice as a tool to move a program towards programmatic excellence. Childcare directors are closely connected to all aspects of the childcare program; they supervise and support the teachers and staff and they work with the children and families. They are responsible for the program administration. They are the program manager and the center leader. This paper will suggest ways to incorporate more reflective practice into our programs at Kennedy Heights Community Center. The literature on self-reflective practice will be explored and analyzed to support the paper’s thesis of reflective practice as a tool on the path to excellence. The limitations and weaknesses of reflective practice will also be explored.

Reflection- Literature Review

In her article, Becoming a Self Mentor, Bloom states, “The capacity to reflect and engage in candid introspection is at the core of achieving self-awareness. Reflective practitioners think creatively, imaginatively, and at times self-critically about what they are doing. Individuals who use a variety of reflective practices have a better understanding of themselves” (pg. 55). If we value continuous programmatic improvements then practitioners must know themselves to effectively change and improve themselves. Teachers and directors cannot adjust or improve their attitudes or behaviors if they are unable to honestly acknowledge and own their actions. Reflection can help to close the gap between “espoused theories and theories in action” (Bloom, 2007). The best written handbooks and program manuals are meaningless if teachers and directors do not implement the philosophy and vision of the program as written.

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...d care and education to know what excellence looks like, but also knowledge of adult education to get all the teachers to the pursuit of excellence. While reflective practice is a critical part of professional development, the program administrator must continuously move a program towards excellence and have a deep understanding of best practices and what quality childcare looks like to effectively model and facilitate reflective practice that leads to sustainable change. While some aspects of quality are concrete and stable; many aspects of quality childcare reflect the needs of the children and their families and are constantly changing. It takes management skills to maintain consistency and leadership skills to facilitate the changing program needs to maintain quality. The director serves both roles and therefore serves as the gatekeeper to program quality.

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