Self Reflection: What I Learned

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Self-Reflection: What I Learned.
In this English class I have learned many things that made a positive impact on my writing. I learned how to properly use quotes in my essays, how to use templates to make a point while agreeing, disagreeing, or both. On my response paper I learned to express my opinion, adding examples and adding more to the conversation. Peer review had a good impact on my writing. This was the first time that I used it, and I believe that from my experience peer reviewing is really helpful and necessary to create a good essay because you can see a different point of view on one’s paper. I also enjoyed doing learning narratives in this class because it made me think about how one experience can become a life lesson.
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One day Professor Braun said to me that I have to not only write about the facts on my response, I also have to add more of what I think, add more to the conversation. So I did that for my final response, while I was agreeing with Lessig Lawrence I added more of what I think, I added examples expressing my point of view and the solution that I think was the best. So through this response I learned to express myself better adding more to conversation, adding examples and making my point clear.
While I was writing my learning narrative. I learned how to think carefully about my ideas and how to organize it well in my paper. I learned how to properly tell a story and make a reflection out of it. I believe that challenging yourself to write about an experience in which you learned something valuable not only for yourself, but now is a reflection for your readers
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