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Self-Reflection Journal What is emotion? Emotion is one of the most common and central of human experience. Emotion is a complicated state of feeling that will cause changes in a human’s psychology and biology state and lead to the influence in the thought and behavior. Human experiences a lot of different types of emotion, the standard emotions are surprise, curiosity, rapture, fear, anger, lust and greed and these emotions only involve little or no cognition at all. One good example would be the fear experienced after seeing a snake. In this journal, I will be talking about three emotions which are grief, fear and anger. This is because these three emotions played a big part in my life which it impacted my life and I learned a lot after these events. I experienced the emotion of grief in 2013 when I lost my grandmother. My grandmother was of the ones that watched me growing up and she was one of my loved ones. Last year, when I was sitting in the car and my friend was driving me to university, I heard the news from my mother through a phone call that my grandmother had passed away due to breathing difficulties. I guess it was hard for me to accept the truth at that moment because I would not expect that to happen nor I wanted that to happen. After the phone call, my tears were just keep flowing and I can’t control the tears, it took me a while to be able to really calm down and think clearly. I went back to my hometown that night which is Penang and went to see my grandmother the next morning. However, I could not really sleep for that night as I keep reminiscing all the memories that I had with my grandmother. So the next morning, when I went to see my grandmother as she was lying in the coffin, my tears started to flow non-st... ... middle of paper ... look more confident and strong. However, in this context, it did not benefited me as I was ejected from the match and I could not participate in the match anymore. Besides that, my team lost the match as I was one of the key player in the team and we did not have enough players to replace. I think that through this incident, I have learned how to control my anger and think clearly before I carry out my actions. In conclusion, grief taught me to appreciate the people around me, fear taught me to assess dangerous situation better and anger taught me to think clearly before I do something. Therefore, I think all these emotions taught me a lot and it made me a better person now. However, we must not trap in these emotions but be able to reflect on ourselves the reasons for us to experience these emotions and learn to control them in order to make ourselves better.

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