Self Reflection Essay

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Within the past few weeks of being in this course I have noticed an increase of aspects that I was unaware of that were affecting me. I have learned that I am not good with self-discipline, which then leads to stress that I am not very good at coping with. After participating in the activity in class about learning to say “no,” I have realized that I am they type of person that doesn’t know how to say no to others. I have been able to practice mindfulness and it has impacted me in a positive way with my relationship with others. I have recently learned that I have no ability to have self-discipline. For example, when I have to study for a test I think of all the other things that I could be doing with my time instead of studying which is…show more content…
I become so stressed out and worked up that I am unable to even think about studying because it becomes so overwhelming. . At the beginning of the school year I had high expectations that I would get an assignment done as soon as I received it in class. As I have learned the hard way this is not realistic. When I become stressed I don’t know how to handle my emotions and I become overly irritated and get temperamental. I procrastinate when I am stressed which makes the problem even worse. I have had to learn to use my time wisely when doing work, and have had to learn to prioritize when it comes do what needs to be…show more content…
I didn’t realize how helpful it would be take a few minutes from each day to have some time to myself, practicing self care. Recently after I have had a stressful day I will go home and find a mediational video and go to my room and take a few minutes to myself to calm down and clear my mind. By doing this small act, it has made enormous impact on how I handle certain situations. Rather than getting mad over something small because I’ve had a long day, I am able to sit back and think before I respond. I have seen a significant change in my relationship with others because I used to become very irritable after a stressful day and I would take it out on others. By taking a few minutes to respond rather than trying to get a word in a soon as possible, there have been tremendous positive changes in my relationship with
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