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In the United States we also have to tell the company our race in order to fill out job applications. This makes it harder for minorities to get jobs because many places would rather hire a white man rather than a white woman or a man or woman from any other race. In the chart above, 51% of white males have the jobs in science and engineering, 18% white females, and only 4% black and Hispanic men and women (Preferential Treatment. Good intentions are not enough to end racial and gender bias, 2014). This shows that professional companies are determining job worth through people’s appearance or ethnic background. “A resume assigned the name Brad Baker is more likely to secure a job interview than one from Rasheed Jones” (Preferential Treatment. Good intentions are not enough to end racial and gender bias, 2014). Individuals should be able to receive jobs because of their skills and experience rather than just their name or skin color.
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Although this is not the best way to identify people, Americans are conditioned to put people into a series of groups. The groups in which identify include gender, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity. I do not think that I carry the burden of racism because I was brought up in a home where my mother is white and my step father is of Hispanic. With this upbringing I was shown that people of all different ethnicities are equal. Although if I was brought up in a home with only white people who were racist home, I would not have the same views as I do now. Other factors such as experiences and socialization play a role in our views of different kinds of
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