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Growing up, I have always been one to be whisked away in the realm of make-believe; always choosing to play video games, rather than, spending my free time outside to interact with the neighboring children. This habit went on for all of my adolescent life and it wasn’t until my parents put me through school that, little did I know, I was struggling socially. Throughout the many school years, being the black sheep of my many classes because of my fundamental lack of competent communication has been a trying and also embarrassing experience filled with trial and error. It wasn’t until my late middle school and early high school days where I slowly began to overcome my social stigma and piece together ways of communicating with others properly,…show more content…
It was through these interactions with these relatable people did I begin to learn how to not only communicate but communicate competently through the characteristic of appropriateness. While it is true that I would be quick to describe myself as a low self-monitor when it comes to social interaction, but when it comes to important matters, I have learned to pull my high self-monitor in place to help a friend in need. In one instance, I had a friend who had recently went through a tough break-up with her now previous boyfriend. Typically, I have been known to be a jokester of a more cynical variety which, in case, doesn’t make me a very appealing candidate to vent problems too. However, I realize that my friend is hurting and as my friend, I want to do everything I can to bring her comfort. Casting my antics aside, I approached the situation sincerely and empathized with her and was careful in regarding her feelings. Once she felt at ease with the situation, she thanked me with a warm smile and from then on, I could feel that the bond that we have has strengthened because of my ability to appropriately communicate and adapt my self-monitor to fit the mold that the situation needed to

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