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Introduction Ethics is an important part of living in today’s society as it raises questions to our morality and how we react to certain situations. According to Bennett-Woods (2005), ethics is best defined as a “branch of philosophy that studies morality through the critical examination of right and wrong in human action”. Characters and behaviors start to form over time not just because of the morals we were brought up with but also through life experiences. While working as a health care professional, there are times that situations may challenge our morals as humans but it is essential to decide what would be the best course of action that will benefit the patients. I know that my morals have been challenged quite frequently, but these challenges have also helped me to form a new perspective on many issues. Theories Aligned with Personal Moral Framework When I first started taking this class, I thought I knew exactly what theory best fit me as person; however, I have come to realize I was wrong. I do feel that I have a little bit of every theory in my moral framework, but I tend to stick to a few when making decisions. After much consideration and looking over my thoughts on the past discussions, I have decided that I tend to incline more towards the theory of Utilitarianism. I chose this theory mainly in the sense that I really do weigh the consequences of my decisions before making the actual decision (Bennett-Woods, 2005). I focus on how that particular decision will affect the people around me. My mom used to tell me that I need to stop worrying about pleasing other people around me and just make a decision that makes me happy; however, I tend to worry more about the people in my decision-making process. The decis... ... middle of paper ... ...e his pain. This is a particular situation that ethical principles are in conflict with each other as well as my values. My values and morals are essential in my decision-making process. I feel that it is pertinent that I stay true to my morals and myself; however, I am aware that there will be many situations where those morals and values will be challenged. All ethical principles are essential when making a decision; however, there are circumstances where a principle may be violated in order to abide by another principle. I think that overall, I would prioritize the principles based on what would promote the greatest good for people. I know that there are going to be many situations in which I have to choose what ethical principles are more important, but I feel that I will choose the best option that will uphold the majority of those ethical principles.
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