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Self-Presentation by definition is “the process by which people monitor and control the impressions others form of them in social situations (Leary & Kowalski, 1990). In essence, this is impression management in which we are able to omit, or present aspects of self in order to make a desired impression. Self-presentation through research has shown that it affects athletes in many forms. Research of sources of stress during competition showed that the most frequent source of stress was significant others, competitive anxiety, and social-evaluation and self-presentation. (James, & Collins 1997) The largest stressor reported was stress from a significant other where ninety percent of participants reported that at least one individual caused stress. Another source of stress, self-presentation, was found to be an underlying factor. That many athletes feel the need to meet others expectations, prove their worth, or fear being criticized due to socially determined goals. Stress was shown to either increase the perceived self-presentational importance of the competition, or that the fear of failure or personal performance lowered self-presentational efficacy. Prior research has also shown that athletes may participate in self-presentational process which relate to health-damaging behaviors. These behaviors may contain drug abuse, not wearing proper safety equipment, and failing to seek medical attention when needed. Only limited research has been completed with regard to desired impression and health risk behaviors. Undependable evidence does support that there is such a relationship between risking ones health in order to promote a desired self-impression. Research has also found that athletes find a favorable image with regard to pl... ... middle of paper ... ...r to prevent them. Self-presentation in these interviews has a connection with a singular influence. Both individuals’ behaviors are highly connected with one person, and if this is the case with more people then providing education for coaches, and parents could facilitate healthier self-presentational views. Having the person of influence stress health instead pushing through injuries, and showing the ability to care about the person and not just the performance may take some off the anxiety, and stress off of the athlete. Self-Presentational concerns may also be used in a positive fashion such as stressing the idea being in shape in order to perform to the best of your ability for themselves, teammates, and the coaches. However, it must also be made aware that when injury occurs that practicing through it without making others aware is a negative situation.
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