Self Mutilation Of Journalism Essay

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The Self-Mutilation of Journalism It appears that anyone with a computer and internet access these days can call themselves a journalist. With such an increase in the quantity of content, journalism today is not what it once was. Using the technology that is available today journalists can report news and bring ideas to people across the globe, at an amazingly fast rate. Long gone are the days of newspaper publishers trying to print off papers with stories that happened last night in the early morning hours. If the news that happens is important enough the article can be posted with notifications sent out to subscribers the moment the article is published. Over half of the United States’ adult population owns a smartphone, loaded with applications that stream an endless current of news to consume at a moment’s notice. The fact that journalists have so many different outlets at their disposal should be a good thing, however, this once prestigious and important craft is collapsing on itself because the people they are trying to inform do not trust them anymore. Journalism is being tarnished by the increase of sensationalized news, an overwhelming media bias, and the lack of self-regulation. To protect the veracity of journalism,…show more content…
The media is left alone to rely solely on the individual journalists’ sense of deontological ethics. It is the journalists’ attitude toward their profession that is causing public mistrust and scrutiny. Per journalists, the responsibility of fixing the problems their career faces rests solely on the shoulders of individual writers (Suárez Villegas, 106), but how long should the public wait? The individual journalist’s thinking is what caused the current environment. Requiring the use of labels still allows for the journalists to keep their freedoms but requires them to be up front and honest to its audience about how they represent their

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