Self Improvement Reflection

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Epilogue Wanted to save something for those who really read my blog...or who at least skim the summary... Self-Improvement: The Final Chapter The only way self-improvement works is when you use these two things: think for yourself and take action. Think for Yourself As George Carlin put it, "If you 're looking for self-help, why would you read a book written by somebody else?" Think for yourself...that’s a no brainer, but I want to be clear with you: the best way to think for yourself is to use critical thinking. Critical thinking means having your thoughts critiqued (by you or someone else). If you aren’t doing this, you are probably making some big mistakes in life. How do you critique your own thoughts? Write them down and then review…show more content…
And, unforunately, the pleasure and perceived growth from these activities are highly addictive. I’m sure they feel like those new experiences are growing them into a new person. Which is true, but to become the person you want to be you need new experiences and critical thinking. In my past, I read somewhere that travel and new situations can grow new brain cells and can help the brain make new connections. So I would constantly put myself in new situations and travel cross country all the time, hoping that I would have an epiphany that would solve all my problems. While I felt like I was feeding my soul on my long trips, I never had that shift in my life I was looking for. Why? To answer that, think of the elephant and the rider analogy; your subconscious and conscious brain. The elephant loves the emotions from new experiences and he does learn new things from them but only the rider is smart enough to figure out their ultimate destination and how to get the elephant back on track. Don’t rely on the elephant to figure out your destination, however, realize that the rider needs the strength of the elephant to make things
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