Self Improvement In Max Barry's Machine Man

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In Max Barry’s novel Machine Man, Dr. Charlie Neumann , a modern day scientist at Better Future, has introduced self improvement through superior artificial parts. While emerging himself in his works, conflict arises such as where to draw the line with potentially dangerous new technology. Not a single character seems to be on the same page. Charlie is inventing for himself, Lola sees the idea as a way she can offer the best to her patients, and Better Future sees this as an idea for new weaponry which means more power and certainly more money. Better Future’s managers are looking to create robot soldiers, which poses as extremely dangerous for the art of war and humankind as a whole. The ultimate question is what do you limit the new…show more content…
He infers this by saying, “I sat in bed and inspected the exegesis. I really needed tools to take it apart… I still found it surprising that this was as good as it got” (Barry 30). Describing it further as a bucket on a stick, feeling very wrong, and squeezing his leg so hard it feels as if all his stitches have popped (Barry 30-32). Lola Shanks, a prosthetist, assisted Charlie when learning how to use the leg. Mr. Shanks, Lola’s father, being an amputee of various limbs gives Lola the most experience in the field. Although she has the largest experience with prosthetics in the entirety of the book, the study of prosthetics is such a tiny department compared to the cancer research department, there are few options for artificial legs, arms, et cetera. In a case study in the Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics, “Researchers have concluded…they are useful for determining the type of interventions used in rehabilitation, but that it may not accurately assess the true function of the individuals within the community” (Staubach and Sutton). Meaning although those prosthetics can be useful in rehab, once the patient is back into reality they might not be the best option. In light of this Charlie proceeds to create a leg that does suit amputees in the real world. Once Lola sees what Charlie had invented mechanically engineered legs, she sees this as a world of…show more content…
Charlie scored a 0 on an empathy test meaning he has little to no ability to interact with others while Lola is up beat and optimistic. She encouraged Charlie constantly throughout rehabilitation. Every time they practiced walking Charlie explains her reaction as, “her eyes growing with each step, and how when I reached her she squeezed my hands” (Barry 31). In brief she makes people feel welcomed and wanted. The way she connects with Charlie, who has never connected with anyone but technology, and Carl are just a few examples of her standard of humanity. Lola has a good head on her shoulders and knows where things should stop pertaining to the advancements in her field. Although she is human and makes mistakes just like anyone else. One being letting Charlie continue his work on better parts. If she did realize what unmitigated work was happening in Lab 4 she would not have promoted it nevertheless the fact of the matter is Lola was blinded by her love for Charlie. Even though she enabled him, in a way, at the end of the novel she was the one who saved him and arguably

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