Self Image Definition

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Chapter 2 -The True Essence of Self-Image Self-image has always been at the center of our lives, and this is not something that is particular to us, Gen Yers, but to everyone, even the people who have walked the earth before us. One thing that is different though (and here I am talking about Millennials) is the fact that we are encouraged to be who we are, which is great, but most of the time, we are not taught to be proud of ourselves. What I want to say is that many people would embrace a certain image of themselves, mostly as a way to follow a trend, while on the other hand, there is most of the time no personality (or real character) behind what is seen by the outside world (or how we appear to be). Let me briefly define self-image for you. In essence, self-image should be the way you wish to see yourself, where you are comfortable in your skin, and it can also be described as how you want others to perceive you (mostly, here, your personality should be able to attract the respect and positive feedback from others). So, self-image should not be about bullying, imposing your thought violently, or even being extravagant just for attention. No, self-image should not reflect negativity, but it should instead comprise qualities and behaviors that will sort of protect you from too much unwanted attention or a lack of respect. From a Personal View Now, how do you find or should I say, how do you build a satisfactory self-image? Well the process is simple, but very personal (it’s a personal journey), and it begins as soon as you realize that you too want to become someone in life. Here’s a list of guidelines that will help you with that journey: - First, you will have to define yourself. Meaning that you will have to draw your own ... ... middle of paper ... ...ept yourself first. -Rule number 2: What you put out is what you get back. It does not matter how long it will take, but positivity always attracts positivity, the same goes for negativity. -Rule number 3: If you don’t face adversity with wisdom as a way to learn and then grow, it will always be there. My last comment would be that you cannot follow these 3 rules, if your self-image has been corrupted by hatred, fears, pop culture and everything that is not born out of your goodwill and personal ambitions. After reading this chapter you should be able to: - Understand that self-image is something personal. - Understand and implement the basis of a legitimate Self-image. - Should be able to reject any idea of self-image that is pushed onto you or acquired by imitating others. - Earn other’s respect thanks to a legitimate self-image. - Attract more opportunities.
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