Self Evaluation And Self Analysis

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Understanding human behavior is critical to organizations due to the fact that we are “human beings” that were created with set of emotions, intelligence, free will that enables us to make individual opinions that form a set of values that will follow us into various climates of organizations. The leaders of diverse units within organizations must be able to recognize the challenges; adaptations, intervention and management plan, and know when to exit from options that are not successful. Being unaware of individual self assessment such as emotional intelligence (EI), social quotient (SQ), and change quotient (CQ), will impede change and stalemate ultimate growth and benefits of productivity; hinder reaching the full vision or mission of the organization. Self evaluation and self assessment prepare you to use “systematic study research based on scientific evidence to predict behaviors instead of relying only on personal intuition “ Lusk, Organizational Behavior (2014; p 12) This essay will provide an overview of theories, examine various dynamics in Organization Behavior (OB) and draw a conclusion on the critical effectiveness of self evaluation in assessing your style of leadership which “continue to evolve as we progress through life” Clawson, UVA-OB-0733, p 4 My self evaluation tools assessed my weaknesses and strengths. It provided comprehension, clarity, and defined strategies that would bring the maximum potential of progress.

In 1977-79, my employer offered a managerial position to oversee production on Company A. This was during the “Affirmative Action” era where diversity in most companies was to see that quotas were being met to hire without discrimination of gender or ethnicity. Recruitment was determin...

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...d not stop with the theories of integration; it was a good attempt to resolve issues. These were extremely difficult times for people of color in the US. Jack Coleman’s philosophy introduces four skills that enable leaders to learn from adversity. “Engage others in shared meaning; attribute a distinctive, compelling voice; display integrity; have an adaptive capacity”. Coleman, ( ) these traits taken together provide a strong cornerstone in reducing prejudice in the workforce. Being able to adapt to different surroundings is an attribute of character that will provide lifelong leadership abilities, enabling individuals to emerge as transformed leaders not only in the business realm but in all society and community. In conclusion we must bring others together to understand their own EI, SQ and CQ through self assessment skills.
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