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1912 was an election year that no longer had 2 political parties running against each other, it was 3. The Republican Party ran William Howard Taft, while the Democratic Party ran Woodrow Wilson. Former republican president, Theodore Roosevelt, had altered his perspectives on the war America should operate and in the era of the Progressive movement, Theodore Roosevelt became the candidate of the third political party in the running for the presidency, the Progressive Party. Roosevelt’s platform advocated his plan, “New Nationalism” which consisted of a broad social welfare, more aggressive progressivism, an increase in the regulation of big business, and women’s suffrage. In result, to compete with Roosevelt, Wilson implemented his own plan, consisting of increased individual competition, forceful enforcement of anti-trust laws, the favoritism of small enterprise, and a ‘free market’ for the economy. While Taft was receiving few electoral votes, the election was really divided between these two candidates who contained very propelling and optimistic plans for the future. While New Nationalism and New Freedom were similar in that they were both anti-big business and they both attempted to dissolve political corruption by bringing about important reforms in society, they differed through the manner in which they attempted to fix things because while Roosevelt's New Freedom proposed broad social welfare, Wilson violently opposed welfare. The progressive era was a time where corruption had taken over society and it was up to the presidential candidates to bring justice back to the country. Both candidates believed that their plan was the best way to repair the status of America. Surprisingly, they both agreed on aspects that they be... ... middle of paper ... .... Although both New Freedom and New Nationalism had many similarities, they differed in what they stood for in regards of welfare reform. All in all, throughout the Progressive Era and the election of 1912, two candidates, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson stood out for their plans to heal the nations, New Nationalism and New Freedom. Both these plans shared similarities in that they opposed big businesses as well as trying to salvage the nation from a crisis in result of the political corruption, however they also differed greatly. Roosevelt’s ideas of reform pertaining to welfare contradicted those of Wilson and his New Freedom plan. In the end, Wilson won the election, however many speculate not because of his plan, however because of the fact that the Republican party was split into two, the Republicans led by Taft and the Progressives, led by Roosevelt.

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