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For the whole of this seven-week research assignment, each person was assigned to work in groups and forge a research project pertinent to the theme “Peace and Conflict”. We casted a voting system to nominate which thesis we would scrutinize about and was established to explore more on “Religious and Scientific Conflict”, which we all undeniably intrigued by.

At the beginning of this assignment, we developed a standardized and well-planned program, so as to prompt ourselves to stay on track. It has been abundantly handy, as we utilized a lot of endeavor into generating this scheme. It is filled with an abundance of detail, which promoted us to stay methodical and proficient. There is also a checklist provided, as a fill in on what every person has to fulfill for every week. The sole downside was that occasionally one or two members of the group have not polished up their assignments on time, which delayed the schedule, engendered the checklist creating trivial issues and alterations, which had to be made. Though, I am still thoroughly impressed with my group’s collaboration and cooperation skills, as each person played their role and completed their task on time. There were exceedingly petty arguments between the members and we all shared and respected each other judgments and opinions. There were many proven strategies that we used, leading us to a victorious outcome. Every one of our objectives was completed, which includes the research, as this was a major part of the project, it was necessary as to demonstration the juxtaposition between both the Religious and Scientific points of view. If I were to ameliorate this task, I would decide on intensifying the manpower because with more people we will be able to explore about ea...

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... spirit and self-fulfillment of each member of the group. The main benefits of working in a group were that it helped increase the productivity of research within the group. We had more divergent ideas whilst brainstorming; the information was analyzed at different perspective and enhances socialization.

I am very proud of my group and myself because we have presented our presentation about religious conflict distinctively flourishing. The one thing I have learned about myself, as a researcher is that I aggrandize my leadership adroitness in steering group discussions, resolving divergence and reaching compromise within the group. I broaden my horizon about the world elevate my horizon about the ambition of life. It also deepened my understand based on religion and scientific conflict, teaching me to respect opinion of different people with different beliefs.
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