Self Esteem: The Competence Of Self And Self-Esteem

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Reference : Being proud of oneself as a person or being proud of one's physical Appearance: What matters in feeling well in adolescence. Amelia Seidah and Therese Bouffard University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada Social behavior and personality 2007 @ society for personality Research (Inc) Self esteem is seen as the key factor of psychological health and a big key to success especially in adolescents. Overall in any situation girls evaluated their body image less positive than boys in any age. Body image is less important to boys than girls yet 40% of adolescents agreed to the evaluation of one's appearance perceived and influence one's sense of self worth. Zumpf and Harter (1989) had asked adolescents to rate their personal thought in what greatly influences self esteem. About 40% of adolescents voted that the level of satisfaction with one's appearance determines self esteem. Then they were asked to rank the following Competence in romance/athletic, scholastic's, global self esteem and social importance in self esteem. 1. Global self esteem 2. Schalastic 3. Social 4. Competence in…show more content…
Girls become more insecure about physical appearance and what others see while boys don't pay much attention to it. This makes have high chances for depression and anxiety. Even though depression was mostly seen in girls the correlation of age and depression was significant rather than anxiety. Baldwin and Hoffman (2002) had found that the age played a huge part with self esteem showing that self esteem is highly variable in adolescent years. Adolescents who have high self esteem will look and receive more social support and have better adapting behavior allowing them to have better health than someone with low self esteem. An individual with low self esteem have fewer coping resources and then most likely to have emotional

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