Self Essay: The Proper Self

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The proper self
This purpose paper examines the proper self by deconstructing and analysing the following videos/ads: “Seeing Sociologically-Marginality and Crisis, “Date Rape” and “Eating Disorders.” Sociological perspectives enable us to see things from four points of view: see the general in particular, see the strange in the familiar, seeing society in everyday lives and lastly seeing sociologically-marginality and crisis. The later (marginality and crisis) has two perspectives which are important to us. The first point to the perspective is living on the edge; whereby being an outsider brings to your knowledge the social forces that shape an individual’s life; the poor and minority groups. The second point to the perspective revolves
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These categories of belonging have profound effects on my life chances, self-image as well as life chances. However, the mass media and the popular culture are also powerful socialization agents that impact on both my self-concept and self-image in my endeavour to conform to the representations of the proper-ideal-self.
My sources represent masculinity and femininity in diverse ways. Seeing “Sociologically: Marginalisation and Crisis portray men as the powerful, wealthy, controllers, leaders and owners of the factors/means of production. They are therefore superior to the feminine gender and can be equated to the bourgeoisie. On the other hand, women are exhibited as subordinate to men and less powerful. They can thus be equated to the proletariat. Their place is mainly in the kitchen with their main role being the reproduction, providing free labour in the farm and taking care of the
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Women spend more hours watching T.V and movies, more hours on beauty parlous and boutiques in an attempt to keep themselves abreast with fashion trends. This is why most ladies join slim possible programs or develop eating disorders such as anorexia. The popular culture has a preference for thin women. The society also measures beauty regarding body size (thinness and tallness). There is, therefore, a preference for skinny, tall white models and women in general. As a result, fat women develop a negative self-image which leads them to eat less, over-exercising and doing anything that can make them slim despite the health dangers that are involved. However, this is not the case for men. The popular culture emphasizes on well-built men. This emphasis makes some men develop a negative self-image and the feeling of not being handsome. The men with high self-esteem can overcome this, while those with low self-esteem go for the gym to broaden their chests or develop an excessive eating
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