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Why is it that some people have more self-efficacy then others? Shouldn’t all people be driven to achieve to the same extent? What can kids learn from self-efficacy? Self-efficacy by definition is “the ability to produce a desired or intended result” (laptop dictionary). Through the years there have been many successful men and women, most of these people have been driven by something, whether it be the “oh you aren’t ever going to be an astronaut” or “you will never make it as a professional athlete” these people persevered against the odds facing them and went on to become those things or what ever else they were told that they were never going to be able to do.

Most people believe that athletes who are good at sports should also be good in an academic setting, these athletes should also be self-motivated, competition is good for younger kids to help them learn, that all “jocks” are dumb and that all “nerds” are terrible athletes. Nevertheless these assumptions are not always the case, in fact all kids are different in the way that they learn and play, most kids need support for finding their identity and confidence, some kids may learn from sports that winning isn’t fun, and there are a limited amount of dumb “jocks” and unathletic “nerds”. There are many assumptions and stereotypes that are being portrayed in this world and many of them pass unnoticed right under our noses. A person who has good self-efficacy and lives a life that is balanced and not by like playing music and sports but just living the right way and doing the right things, can lead them to set good personal goals support athletics and academics.

The assumption that all kids who are good at sports should be smart is not the case. In fact kids are very d...

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