Self-Development as a Part of Professional and Academic Skills Support Module

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In this essay, I equip with analytical views of self-development of my experiences as a part of professional and Academic skills support (PASS) module. It helped to apply theoretical knowledge for the outdoor activities in the Buxton Residential Trip starting from the team formations and end up with the poster presentation and other group activities which are essential for building up of self-confidence and behavioral intelligence. My essay aims on Leadership, Teamwork and self-management and effective communication skills and concludes focussing on key areas with appropriate references provided.

My group consisted of five MBA students, including myself. Students are made to form as different learning teams in order to target the pre-determined goals. According to Frederick Mumma’s personal and team roles profile concept, there are terminal and specific objectives that are designed for development of communication and team spirit in performing the tasks. This can be related to the team work building 3-dimensinal model (Elizabeth yah, 2006) which is adopted from Belbin Team roles theory (Belbin, 1988).As a part of team we worked on the weaknesses which are overwhelmed by cooperation and communication effectiveness.

Team spirit in order to achieve things developed enthusiasm, get to know other teammates, enhancing the communication skills with particular emphasis on proper listening. The poster presentation occupies crucial role, prior to the Buxton Residential of which I and my team worked together in developing creative ideas that majorly categorised with innovative thoughts and applying theoretical strategies. I hold an opinion that my team developed very soon with assertiveness by construction of positive feedback encompasses ...

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