Self-Development: Disciphip And Self Development

Based on my experience during the internship program, I can conclude that this kind of soft skill has improved greatly. It is because I truly take the internship as my opportunity to increase this self-development soft skill. During the five months internship program, there were experiences and occasions that make the self-development soft skill increased, or even the experiences and the occasions forced me, so the self-development soft skill could increase
A. Discipline
Discipline is such a serious problem in myself. Before doing the internship program, I was probably not a too discipline person. I often underestimated something, did a task approximately one day before the due date, underestimated the praying times, even lazy to do the tasks that had been given to me. However, this five months internship program has truly change myself to be a better person
a. Discipline in timing management
Honestly I am not too good to manage my time. I often postponed doing something such as tasks from lecture, or even my parents. Due to the internship program, now I am accustomed to manage my time. Therefore, I can handle all of my work.
The internship program seemed like forcing me to be a good time manager. I try to do all my jobs and do not postpone it. For
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In SD NEGERI 2 KETAON, I must be a cooperative beside I need to work individually when I was being a librarian. For example, when there was an Art Competiton, one day before the day, all the teachers whose students followed the competition came to my workplace to follow an technical meeting. All the teachers from my workplace prepared all of the things and so dId I. I helped some teachers who prepared the foods and the beverages, I helped to bring the foods and the beverages to all the teacher in the room. All the teachers (include me) worked together, so the technical meeting went

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