Self Defeating Humor Essay

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As I have said before am very surprised that self-defeating humor wasn’t one of my top styles. I have always been one to make jokes about myself in a negative way, a lot of which are fat jokes. As I have been thinking about it, I realized that no one actually finds them funny. I would make that type of joke about myself, and my friends just get upset and tell me that I’m not, or that I’m beautiful. So, using that type of humor for me almost seems like a cry for attention. In reality, I am really just trying to be funny, which clearly is not working. Self-defeating and aggressive styles of humor are said to be detrimental to relationships and one’s wellbeing (Martin et al. 2003). Looking at it this way, when I make those negative jokes about…show more content…
My two top styles of humor are ones that help create and bond relationships, and uplift one’s self. With this, I believe it shows that I am mentally healthy. I am mentally healthier than I thought I was before writing this paper. Self-enhancing humor is positively related to openness to experience, self-esteem, and psychological well-being (Martin el at. 2003). Mentally, I have never been one to suffer from depression or anxiety, which are both very common in busy high school and college students. I have had moments, or times in my life where I have been at a very low point but I have never been diagnosed. I think that my styles of humor mirror how healthy my mental state has been thus far in my life. I do think that I am insure more times than not, which would logically reflect self-defeating humor. Though, I am thankful after taking the Humor Style Questionnaire (Martin el at. 2003) that I am not that…show more content…
Through my life I have been a part of many different organizations and teams, and my coaches and leaders have always told me that if what I’m doing is not in my top five, why am I doing it? That has made me think a lot, and my thing on the list should be myself. I believe that everyone should put themselves first, because if you do not take care of yourself, who will? I understand that not everyone is like that, and not everyone believes what I believe, and that is totally okay. What I have realized for myself, is only for myself, and not everyone else. I do believe that this does reflect that I am mentally

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