Self Control Essay

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The development of the human brain is largely based on relationships acquired during the first few months of life. Traits that a child is born with differ from the ones that he or she gains from an outside environment. The types of things that effects the acquirement of these traits is the environment that the guardian provide, and the interaction between baby and guardian in that environment. A household containing a newborn can be quite a hectic place, but when the parent handles themselves correctly, the baby soothes faster and quietly. When a child is in the mist of throwing a tantrum and you do not give up on the situation until it is completely resolved, it effects the social and emotional development of the child. These types of actions…show more content…
The trust in guardianship gives them confidence to develop healthier relationships he or she grows into adulthood. The significance of parent control effecting the child development is shown in the action of calming. The ability to calm oneself down is an important characteristic in humans that often develops from when and how the parents soothed the child as a…show more content…
This calming of oneself down is called self control. Self control is a important part, of any humans social life. For a child this includes managing feelings and actions and learning similar techniques such as waiting, sharing and how to work out problems. Self control can be taught in different manners, in an infant 's life. The first manner includes using words to understand emotions. An example would be, you are happy because you got to nap. By describing his or her emotions it allows the child to relate feeling and emotions, thus making control of them easier. Staying calm when your child is upset, is a key factor in developing self control. By showing your child that you can keep control, they will follow by example. Another significant development that is apart of social and emotional development, is the emotional development of self confidence. This is the idea, that the child learns that they are special through the treatment of their guardian. When they feel good about themselves, they gain confidence and curiosity. When your child is doing an activity, make sure to signify their action by
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