Self-Concept: The Projection Of Self And Personality

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Definition of Self-Concept
As people develop certain realizations occur surrounding who they are. Starting out as existential and physical realizations, children realize they are a part of the world and contribute to it. However, the question of self still remains. Despite knowing the literal meaning of who we are as humans, the individual self causes much controversy due to its personal and multifaceted meaning. However, by probing into what common themes affect the personality it can be assumed that the projected personality accurately represents what influences it. Because of this, self is the root of personality and shifts based on these themes. The concept of self is a dual layered projection of honest personality defined by ideal self
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One’s identity is partially who they wish to become in some way (Simply Psychology). The ideal self shifts self in two ways: projection and fufilment. Projection of ideal self is often found in children and young adults who idolize a person or idea to such an extreme degree that they adopt a self that is not truly their own in order to reach their ideal self. For example, children often see a potential, and often viewed as ‘better,’ version of themselves in older relatives, friends, or public figures. They may pretend to be them by literally adopting the other person’s identity or by adopting their style, diction, interests, etc (Good Growing). This projection of ideal self causes the concept of self to be shifted into an acquiescent personality which can often lead to an enigmatic self-image. However, ideal self often can be a fulfillment instead of a projection, in which case the person finds their ideal self through desired change within them, instead of through another person. Often seen as New Year’s Resolutions, fulfillment of the ideal self is defined by a person wishing to obtain some quality to better themselves and working towards that goal. For example, many people have adopted the phrase ‘choose kindness’ as a way to encourage this ideal self-fulfillment; this reminds the person of their goal and allows them to look within themselves for the inspiration and utilization of their
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