Self Concept: Sexual Abuse and Being a Mother at an Early Age

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Introduction Being a mom is something you’re supposed to be when you have already lived, but I didn’t get that option. My self-concept changed when I became a “mom” to my little sister at age seven. I had to make all her meals, protect her from harm, and was an all-around mother for thought and affection. Description I was spending the weekend with my step aunt when my self-concept changed forever. My little sister was using the bathroom when I heard a cry and my step aunt and I went to see what was wrong. She said “it hurts when I pee!” my aunt asked her if she had fallen on her girl area and she said no. My aunt asked her if it had hurt earlier in the day when she used thee bathroom and she said yes. My aunt asked her if my mom’s boyfriend had ever hurt her anywhere on her body and she said yes. She told her how he had hit her when she was bad and when last weekend I was gone he had “tried to put his peepee in her peepee.” When I heard that I started to cry and told my aunt how he had been doing those things and more to me but I never thought he would do them to her. My aunt had a facial expression of “don’t worry I’m going to take care of this”, and she called my step grandma right away and told her what we said. They then picked up my mother and took us all to the hospital to get checked out. The doctor told her with great sympathy that there was no penetration on my sister but that there was some evidence of sexual abuse on both of us. I could see from my mother’s facial expressions that she had the whole time that she didn’t want to hear what the doctor was saying and there was going to be no sympathy from her what so ever. My mother from that moment on disowned me and told me I was lying and to tell the truth. I told her th... ... middle of paper ... ... I was touched inappropriately. Then maybe my sister would never have had to go through what she did at such a young age. I would leave the mother part of me the same because it brought me and my sister closer that we were before in our early life. I would not trade anything for it. Conclusion Because of what happened and the events that followed I ended up a mom at a young age. Looking back and knowing what I know now I feel that if I look back I see a lot of reflected appraisal in me. Because I my sister saw me as her main role model and mom I took the role on with determination. I would never wish this upon anyone in my life. The way we raised ourselves was the way we learned to adapt to our new situation with a mother who didn’t care about her children. We made it all work from school events to “booboos” I think we had it better than most because I made it so.
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