Self Awareness And Reflection Through Self-Mandala

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Self-Awareness and Reflection Through Self-Mandala Neeraj Datta St. Lawrence College/ Laurentian University LUSL 1206 Suzee Rocque October 14, 2012 Self-awareness and self-knowledge is a person’s psychological state that explore his/her values, beliefs, culture, and other factors that influence his/her behavior. This paper will illustrate development of self-awareness and self-reflection to establish therapeutic relationship with clients by viewing Self-Mandala’s…show more content…
I should be aware of myself from my own experiences; so I have to consider all aspects of my life before relating to clients. Developing self-awareness will help me to become authentic and open with patients. Self-awareness development can be an introspection, which determines one’s own perceptional knowledge and self-reflection. In addition, development of self-awareness can relate to the interactive reflection. Thus, it can relate to a patient’s review (Rocque, 2012). While providing care, I have to look for patient’s overviews. Therefore, throughout my nursing journey, I will accomplish practical and personal knowledge that will help me to develop effective nursing practices that lead to maintain therapeutic relationships with…show more content…
Reflecting upon my own character will help me to ammend my personal perception towards other nurses. I will attain proper knowledge about which circumstances and conditions will assist me to achieve success throughout my career. Similarly, reflection helps to reveal our moral values, beliefs, culture, feelings, preferences, thoughts, fear, strengths and weaknesses (Rocque, 2012). During my nursing career, I have to be aware of all the circumstances that can interfere in my profession. For example, suppose I am a nurse at a private clinic. If a 16-year-old girl approaches me personally and tells me that she want contraceptive pills to prevent pregnancy. As a nurse, I have to reflect on that situation with critical knowledge. I have to deal with such situation by looking at a girl’s perspective. Also, I have to identify emotions, culture, values, and beliefs that can interfere into a therapeutic relationship. In this case, emotions that can be happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, disgust, or fear leads to developed cultural influences. Cultural biases influence person to perceive the concept of what is right and what is wrong for the patient. This kind of behavior pushes to obtrude our values and beliefs on the client (Rocque, 2012). However, besides all that, I have to emphasize on all the possible actions to support client’s mental, physical, and emotional wellness. Above

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