Self Assessment Strengths And Weaknesses

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I feel like self-assessments are a way to get to know yourself better. They are a way to help you see your strengths and weaknesses by giving you an opportunity to judge for yourself. They expose questions that you might not think about a regular basis. Self-assessments, also, provide a way of correcting your mistakes by making you realize what they are.

I think highly of myself according to this self-assessment since I only had three weaknesses, speaking, ability to conduct research, and money management. These are the only ones that I rated below a three, but there are some that were borderline such as mathematics and seeking support from others. The theme in my weaknesses seem to be with my terrible math skills. Money management has always
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The thing I’m lacking on most is my vocabulary. I tend to want to use the same words more than once when I am writing an essay, such as this one, or a simple letter. “…in an effort to overcome a weak vocabulary,…highlight a word on their document, click “Review” followed by “Thesaurus,” and switch their word for the most complicated substitute it offers.” (Bethel, 2014, p.8) By using the Thesaurus key, I am able to improve my vocabulary and my writing skills by selecting better word choices.

Improving my communication skills is so important for everyday life. By using correct word choice, we can improve writing and speaking skills. By refining these abilities, it builds up practice for speaking and listening capabilities, thus, perfecting the cycle of communication. Improving communication means better resumes, cover letters, and speeches that could ultimately land that perfect job.
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The style helps "express the key elements of quantitative results, choose the graphic form that will best suit the analysis, report critical details of our research protocol, and describe individuals with accuracy and respect."(APA, 2016) Various fields use APA such as Nursing, Business, Psychology, Economics, etc.

Some advantages of using APA for formatting is that it gives proper credit to the authors. This is important to avoid plagiarism and evade any copy-writing issues. If you copied someone 's writing and submitted it as your own, there could be serious penalties such as a failing grade, getting expelled, or possibly criminal charges. APA, also, organizes the writings and provides a base guideline to grade and explore the work.

Some challenges using the APA style could possibly be the fact that students have never used it before coming to Bethel. By choosing different career paths or studying different subjects, we are not subjected other styles such as MLA, Chicago, etc. I remember taking some classes in humanities and having to use MLA styles. My professor at the time had said that any style of acceptable, but she preferred MLA style, so that is what most of the students

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