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Self-Care Assessment Self-care is a critical component, it is the activities individuals and community members undergo having the primary intention of enhancing the health of themselves, overall preventing illnesses, disease, and restoring health. It is important to understand that self care is active and powerful in maintaining an optimal level of health. A person’s overall health includes physical, mental, emotional, relationship, choices, and spiritual components of well-being (McCoy, 2013).
Self care is extremely significant in nursing. It shows us how important holistic nursing is, and how it effects each person individually. Classifying self care as a broad category, makes it hard to treat yourself and others, but depicting weaknesses, and improving them can help with the overall wellness and health of people. An example of this would be anxiety, this is part of the emotions and mental component (American Holistic Nursing Staff, 2016). As we know, anxiety can play a critical role on a person’s health, overall tightening muscles in the throat, the liver producing excess amounts of cortisol leading to more glucose, and also can cause the skin to have problems with blood flow throughout the body leading to serious complications (Holmes,
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Stated earlier, your self assessment is split into numerous categories. During this assessment, you rated yourself in categories to determine your level of self awareness. Scoring between 14-20 shows that you are aware of the important areas in my life, whereas scoring below a 14 shows areas that could be improved to provide an optimal level of health and self awareness (Dossey & Keegan, 2009). During this assessment I scored a 15/20 in physical, a 10/14 in mental, 11/16 in emotions, 12/16 in relationships, 15/16 in choices, and a 14/14 in
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