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Self-Assessment As an international student, I have a unique experience in English writing. Before I began to write in English, I firstly learned the Chinese writing. What I have learned from primary to middle school is the narrative writing, such as writing an unforgettable event, an inspiring story, or an interesting man. In high school, the main focus of writing shifts from narrative to argumentative writing. Normally, it is required to analyze a social event by using several examples to prove the argument. For instance, one of the college entrance essay topic in 2017 is choosing two to three keywords from the following list to present the China that the author knows: panda, square dancing, the Great Wall, the shared bike, air pollution,…show more content…
On AE 20C, the professor mainly talked about grammar, the basic structure of an essay, the thesis statement, and the revision. Before taking AE 20C, I only revised an essay once and did not check for the grammar errors efficiently. During the course, I formed a good habit of revising a paper as much times as possible to make it perfect. If taking college writing course is like building a house, AE 20C is the process of materials preparation.
Then, Writing 39A is a big jump from AE 20C, which the class discussed less about the grammar knowledge but focused more on the essay itself, such as the thesis statement and the analysis of quotation. By doing lots of close reading on the novel Cannery Row and beginning to consider the content critically, it was not challenging to finish the final critical analysis. Also, with the different ways to integrate a source, including integrating a full, partial, or single words quotes that we learned in the class, the structure and sentences of the essay are seemed to be
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There are several types of classes in my high school, including the key classes, non-key classes, female classes, and international classes. In the first year, I was admitted to the key classes in which the students’ scores of high school entrance tests are higher than those in non-key students, and therefore teachers have higher expectations and stricter demands on them. I needed to study nine subjects in my first year and I had nine classes every day from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The high intensity of learning forced me to manage my limited time and balance it between study and break. Apart from regular study life, my high school encourages all kinds of club activities and I was a member of the student union, which in this way, I was able to find out my own interest and strengths. In my second and third year, I transferred to the international class that is set for those who want to go to college abroad. Besides the Chinese high school courses, I also took English training classes for TOEFL and SAT and three to four AP classes. Those courses helped me get prepared for the college entrance tests and experienced a different teaching mode. Nevertheless, since most of students live in the school, there is a strict management of going out of school. Even though this policy ensures the safety, it is extremely inconvenient for students who have emergency because they need a signature from their class
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