Self Assessment Assignment: The Self-Assessment Instrument

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The Self Assessment Instrument

1. We are now about mid-point through this course. Am I satisfied with my learning progress to date? What are the causes for my answer?
As I reflect on what I have learned through the first half of the course, I am enlighten of the information that I have read as it influence me as a Therapist and an upcoming teacher. To learn about how to manage a classroom and recognize behaviors in a student to establish a successful classroom setting is always important to a teacher, but to actually read different strategies and discuss the information with other classmate to get a valid understanding in the information, improves my knowledge and capability to provide the information with both my clients and future classroom
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I have always advocated students act and think differently, but they also need a structure setting to implement positive behaviors. I have changed my thinking to allow my client to have input of their activities for intervention, by giving them two choices, this have improve my sessions as the client is more involved as they was a part of the decision making of their treatment. For my children, I give them a chore choice and allow them to pick, they are more eager to complete the chore they choose versus in the past argue when I told them what to…show more content…
The information that I have read is beneficial and I attend to order a hard copy instead of the E-book which expires within 160 days.

7. Have I learned anything that was practical to my work situation? Why was this so?
As I stated in prior questions, the information I have learned have provided me with a understanding of how a teacher can be effective in their classroom by using the strategies suggested. There are some strategies that are beyond a teacher control, therefore, they will need to create a different technique, but keep in mind the information each theory to be successful.

8. What can I do from now until the end of the course, to make this a [an even] better learning experience?
What I can do for the remainder of the course to make this a better learning experience is to continue to be involved and learn from my other classmate and instructor. The feedback is beneficial as it helps me understand others point of view.

9. Additional comments based upon my self-evaluation.
As I was undecided about what age level I wanted to focus on, the information from this course has allow me to focus on Secondary Education with a content in Mathematics. Thank you and I hope to learn more information in the next 3
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