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I have made a lot of progress in my writing in English 2100T class. I still have many problems that I should not have as I am a college student. I try my best to finish every writing assignment I have, and try to remember those mistakes I made before in order to prove my writing skills. However, I still make some mistakes that I made before. I will like to learn how to write a good or a convincing essay yet, it is difficult for me to achieve the level as a college student. Actually, I believe that I did great jobs on my writing assignments. Nevertheless, the results I got were not what I expected. It will be much easier for me to express and explain my point of view in my native language than for me to express in my second language. Therefore, people who read my writing assignments did not understand what I try to say.
Meanwhile, I believe that writing is one of my weaknesses in English. I cannot say that English is my second language as an excuse to learn writing well. Therefore, I would like to spend more time on studying writing. I must try to deal with problems that I face in writing English in different ways. However, I need to improve in English not only writing skills but also listening skills, speaking skills, and reading skills. I believe that there is no doubt that improvement is important, and necessary. I think great effort is one of my strengths. I would like to try my best to finish everything I should have done even though I am not good at it. On the other word, I will never give up something that either my weaknesses or my strengths.
I believe that I need to have a good plan to write an essay because I am able to take the advantage by looking ahead and while acknowledging what to expect. In my writing assignment I...

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...ven if I don’t live in the U.S in the upcoming future by knowing more languages I will be able to get more opportunities to succeed.

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