Self And Yoga Essay

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Understanding the Self & Yoga Introduction: Who we are? This is the basic question to find out. What we think about ourselves, how we look at ourselves and our relationship to the world? all these things help us to examine ourselves that who we are and what we want to be? It is very necessary for a child or human being to know about himself/ herself i.e. who we are? Knowing about self means to know about own strengths and weaknesses. It is to get aware about what he/ she is able to do and what to achieve depending upon his/ her weaknesses and strengths. Our relationship to the world depends upon our thinking about ourselves. If we think positive about ourselves that gives us inner strength which reflects in our communication/ interactions to others. A positive thought builds a healthy relationship and a negative thought drives you to the negativity and loneliness. Our thinking about ourselves depends upon our self concept / self identity , our world view and self esteem which are discussed here. Self concept/ Self identity According to Hilgard, Atkinson, and Atkinson, 1971, “Self-concept refers to the composite ideas, feelings, and attitudes people have about themselves” Purkey (1988) defined the self concept as “the sum of a complex, organized, and dynamic system of learned beliefs, attitudes and opinions that each person holds to be true about his or her personal existence” Self concept or self identity is a global understanding that a person has about him/ herself. Self concept is not inherent. It is shaped and reshaped by the people around us, the people who influence us directly or indirectly. Self concept of a child depends upon the description provided to him by these people e.g. parents, teachers, peers etc. ... ... middle of paper ... ...more we understand about ourselves, the more we know about how we relate to one another. Awareness leads to understanding, which leads to the ability to be more controlled in life. We are able to decide when it is right to accept or refuse something. This ability comes through an increase in discrimination (viveka) and non-attachment (vairagya). We acquire these qualities through yoga then we find in ourselves more confidence and more self-esteem. Conclusion: It is an important aspect of one’s life to under him /herself. This is basically to know one’s strengths, weaknesses and everything about oneself. Understanding the self includes self concept/ self identity, one’s own world view and self esteem. Yoga helps an individual to find out the answer of the basic question Who Am I? Yoga is the means to understanding the self and achieving a successful and happy life
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