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The following paper focuses on developing a learning journal for the self-analysis. It is indeed very useful for the future managers and the leaders to develop certain leadership skills out of their self-assessment. This is because the leaders are the faces of an organization and they must represent themselves on behalf of the company. The leaders in the organizations of the present era needs to develop many skills because they belong to a certain group of persons who have the decision-making powers and the leadership skills they choose to run the organization (Pillai, 2000). Their own motives and point of views have a lot of significance in the path the organization will thrive to move. The leadership skills are different for the different…show more content…
This enhances the fact that the leaders need to upgrade themselves as per the requirements of the organizations. As the business environment in the present time is much volatile in context, the leaders may have to face difficult situations at many times. This will lead to the betterment of their skill improvements. The self-awareness is one of the most important but least focused competencies for leadership (Thorn, 2012). Self-awareness is the process by which the leaders learn in what conditions they are good at managing and which things they have to still learn. It is always better for the future leaders and managers to go through certain self-assessment programs because if they don’t, the other people in the workplace will surely be able to see those weaknesses. There are some interpersonal activities that the future leaders must undertake to improve their activities. If the leaders do not indulge in such matters, their leadership skills may degrade and it might lead the organization to an utter failure (Ebrahimi Mehrabani & Azmi Mohamad, 2015). On the contrary, if the organizational leaders undertake the responsibilities to identify their faults and strengthen them, the result will automatically be on the positive side. The organization will get many added benefits for…show more content…
This organizational learning is a very useful process for maintaining the core competencies for the organization (Argote & Hora, 2017). The organizations have to be pass through constant changing periods that influence them to change and improve incessantly. This also works in case for the leaders as well as they are the drivers for success of the organization. The innovation process in the organizations is one of learning and changing. The hallmark of the high performing organizations is to continuously learn and make amends after they commit some mistakes. There are many leadership traits that can be followed by them in order to be a successful organizational leader (Giniuniene & Jurksiene, 2015).
The leadership skills for the future managers Some of the important traits or the features that must be present in the future leaders must be discussed in this segment. These features or the traits are empathy, poise, his outgoing nature, attention to details of any case, ambition and most importantly to be optimistic about the success.
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