Self Actualization: The Key To Self-Actualization

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Throughout history, we have seen the rise of many individuals who seemed to tower above the rest of the population, often spurring advancement forward, and bringing new ideas that seemed to be decades ahead of their time. These people were often self-actualized, or developed all of their innate characteristics to the peak of their potential. Often one thinks of these people in reverent terms, placing them well beyond anything they can achieve. However, according to Maslow, each person is born with characteristics that can be brought out of the environment, and if one develops these skills, anyone can reach their apex. The key to reaching self-actualization is identifying areas of deficiency and working to fill those gaps. Throughout this paper,…show more content…
Those who possess this trait are able to look past the delusion of the self in order to see the truth. I would say that I am fairly skilled at rational thinking, and I would prefer to see the truth and be unhappy than to be lulled into a state of delusion for the sake of not having to confront the negatives, as I see this as a very dangerous way of thinking that can lead one to be prone to manipulation. However, I am not entirely effective at seeing reality accurately, as I often can over-analyze until I reach a block, and be unable to see a solution that might be right in front of me. In order to improve this I need to break free of my tendency to fall prey to circular reasoning, and find a balance of confidence and…show more content…
I would say I am reasonably tolerant, and I attempt to examine every individual’s perspective before making a judgement. I attempt to remember that each person has a unique manner of perception on an issue, and that in order to better understand the issue I must listen. However, I am imperfect in this method, and can dismiss someone’s point of view without hearing it in its entirety, and I must improve this if I wish to be completely self-actualized. In addition, I am not fully confident in myself, and will occasionally be less effective due to second
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