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Wisdom When I think about Proverbs (21:5) and Proverbs (16:16-17) regarding living a life of wisdom I am grateful for knowing what I have earned I have the right to keep as well as the responsibility to keep it. However wisdom and understanding of the chosen path are greater than any gold, silver or variant from the straight and narrow path. Knowing that all the hard work, and time I put in to something I will be rewarded. The rewards may not come in the form of money but love, forgiveness and mercy. Being only human I know that there is two paths that I can choose. One path is paved with gold, silver and anything the heart desires, and yet the other path is cold, dark and unknowing. And yet I choose that hard path. I know in my heart this is the path that God would want me to take. For I know that no matter what life throws at me, I can count of God to be right there beside me. Life is not easy, it has its ups and downs but trusting in God he will provide for me. Diligence If I am persistent what I am doing it will aid me in my endeavors in school, work and in life in genera...

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