Selena Hariharan Article Analysis

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Selena Hariharan.(2015). Using advance practice registered nurses and physician assistants to ease phycsician shortages.Physician Leadership Journal. 2(3),P46-51. Retrieved from

The purpose of her work is looking at a trend in healthcare issue of physician shortage. She examines the using of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) and Physicians Assistants (PA) to alleviate this shortage. In this brief analysis, Selena Hariharan argues that the new health care law has created the potential for preventive care and not enough physician graduates to meet the demand. She suggested that the solution to this shortage is for government to close the reimbursement gab between primary care and specialties,
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Lori Strauss states that patients have rights to their medical information and health providers and hospitals have a duty to guarantee those rights and protect the data collected. She asserts that, some technical, administrative and physical precautions need to be taken such as encrypted portals. She concluded that setting up an area for using the access portals is very essential. Also that privacy officers need to be involved in the planning of access portals for patient so that access will not be impeded. She failed to mention the responsibility of patients in securing their privacy. The article is concentrated on healthcare organization giving patients more access to their medical records while maintaining their privacy as…show more content…
The purpose of this piece is about the increasing use of digital devices and apps for self-diagnoses. She states that most patients value the information given by their health providers but always turn to the Internet or mobile devices first. He explained that most healthcare organizations such as Kaiser Permanente are ahead of the DIY game. He concluded that, the increasing use of these devices and apps also helps in moving the dial in outcomes. Do it yourself healthcare is one of the fastest growing trends in healthcare and most organization are beginning to adapt to this new digital age. This feature is unique because it helps to eliminate the cost of patient visits to hospitals or clinics just for vital test or monitoring. The use of these applications makes patients more active in their plan of care in collaboration with the healthcare organizations. This article failed to mention the privacy risk involved in using these devices and