Selection and Acquisition

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PART A: Context and Needs. The school that this paper is centered around is the International School of the Sacred Heart (ISSH). The school was founded in 1908 by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart in order to provide for the educational needs of the daughters of expatriates living in Tokyo, Japan. Today, the school has an enrollment of approximately 600 students from Kindergarten through to Year 12. The school offers the U.S. College Advanced Placement (AP) program, as well as a number of elective academic subjects. The school is centrally located in the area of Hiroo and has access to a wide range of extra curricular facilities. The student body represents 47 nations. About 30% of the students in the middle and high schools hold citizenship from Western nations, primarily the U.S. and European nations. There are a large number of students from Asian nations such as China and South Korea as well many who have both Asian and Western parents. The school rarely admits ‘local’ Japanese nationals due to government regulations. Due to the fact that English is the primary language of instruction, the school has a strong and well resourced English as a second language (ESL) department to cater to the needs of the many students for whom English is not their first language. The faculty are all western trained – the U.S., Australia and the U.K. contributing the largest numbers of staff – except for those working in the Japanese language department. The chosen area of curriculum for the purposes of this assignment is “Ancient Civilizations”. This subject comes under the umbrella of the Social Studies Department. The subject of Ancient Civilizations is taught by the author, an Australian trained teacher who was formerly a social studies cla... ... middle of paper ... 6. Danielou, A. (2003). A Brief History of India. New York: Inner Traditions. Found using Title wave 7. Early Hinduism. (n.d.). Ancient India - The British Museum. Retrieved April 3, 2010, from Found using Net-treker 8. Hazel Richardson. (2005). Life In The Ancient Indus River Valley - 2005 publication. New York: Crabtree Pub., 2005. Found using Trove 9. Singhal, K. (2003). The Ancient History of India (Vedic Period) ; A New Interpretation. New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers and Distributors. Found from Library of Congress 10. TimeGlider: Web-based Timeline Software. (n.d.). TimeGlider: Web-based Timeline Software. Retrieved April 3, 2010, from Teacher recommendation

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