Segway Human Transporter

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Could there be a transportation machine that has no emissions whatsoever? Could this contraption go great distances without a doubt? Could it stay balanced on two wheels with you on it? What is it? Actually, it is an “It”. The “It”, or more formally known as the Segway Human Transporter is a vehicle that is said by some to “change the way we live.” With so much hype, this machine of the future has high expectations from not only the public but to many environmental activists as well. I believe that the Segway HT is a benchmark in today’s new technological advances. With the threat of pollution throughout the world, this machine could be a big part of the solution.
I have always been extremely interested in how things work. Whatever it may be, I am always trying to figure it out, and I am usually able to. After first reading about the “It” in Maxim magazine, I was amazed that it could not be tipped over, so amazed that doubts it even existed popped into my mind. When the Human Transporter came onto the news several months later for the first time, I immediately surfed the internet trying to find pictures, videos, and an explanation to how it works. Coming up with bundles of information, I read that it was able to run on batteries and not gas. This furthered my interest because I am also concerned about the present and future condition of the earth that we live on.
As pollution from cars, trucks, and other types of v...

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