Segregation In John Matson's Supreme Court Desegregation

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Matson remarks that the Supreme Court desegregation decision did not “require the arbitrary mixing of the races in school” (p. 65). If true, this aspect of its ruling was soon forgotten or ignored as Congress and especially federal courts began requiring the arbitrary mixing of the races in school. Matson adds, “The arbitrary mixing of races might violate the right of individual choice as much as forced segregation” (p. 65) Finally, he got something right! Then he goes on to write that force will be necessary. However, it should be limited to the minimum necessary to get people to agree with him on the segregation-desegregation issue (pp. 65-66). Matson comments on school desegregation and notes the number of districts that had desegregated…show more content…
This improved education leads to greater achievement by the Negro, which increases his racial pride. As a result, “the frequency either of sex relations with Whites outside marriage or of interracial marriages with them” is reduced (pp 75-76). Again, one must wonder what Matson was smoking on his trip through chimera land. History shows that desegregation brought a significant increase interracial mating. Matson claims that the restrictions concerning intermarriage in the Old Testament were primarily national or tribal and not racial (p. 80). If true, why does God forbids the half-breed from being part of His assembly (Deuteronomy 23:2)? Moreover, in Ezra Chapters 9 and 10, God does not order the people to be separated by religion. The separation is by race. All foreign or alien women and their children were sent away, even those who were believers. All Jewish men remained, even those who were nonbelievers. Matson claims that Deuteronomy 7:1-8, which some people use to oppose interracial marriages, is not about interracial marriage. It prohibits Israelites marrying outside their religion (pp. 79-80). No matter which claim is true, these verses show that God is a Segregationists. He forbids the Israelites to integrate and intermarry with the seven nationalities listed in Deuteronomy 7:1. Whether segregation is based on race, nationality, or religion, the result is the same: Segregation has
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